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Did you grow up with a narcissistic parent?  

Is that affecting your relationships today?



In my practice, I see many adult children of narcissistic parents.  So, I'm including this information in case this will be helpful to you, too.


Narcissism is when someone feels the world revolves around them.  But narcissism is a spectrum-disorder which means your parent may have a few narcissistic traits that show up sometimes, or a full-blown personality disorder which defines their relationship with you entirely.   If you were raised by a narcissist, then you may be hard on yourself, self-sabotage, or often feel conflicted inside.  If one of your parents was narcissistic, then when you realize what's been going on, everything begins to make sense, allowing you to heal and move on!  


So go ahead.  Take the quiz below.  You may be about to begin learning a new understanding of your history, in a most helpful and important way!

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