Heal Through Writing 



What is the Journaling Journey? 

♦ It's a series of e-mails that may change your life.

             ♦ It's Journaling Prompts that inspire healing and happiness. 

                                  ♦ It's a writing meditation about growing up with narcissism or borderline personality disorder.
                                                                           ♦ It's hearing from others on the same path.  

                                                                                                                 ♦ It's an encounter with your truth.

Option #1:

Solo Journaling 

Every Sunday and Wednesday a new journaling prompt, or meditation, appears in your in-box.  

Each one brings healing to adult children of narcissists or borderlines. 
You will enjoy and experience "aha" moments just from reading the insights in each meditation. 

And as you write, you will heal even more.

Some people like keep these to themselves.  

Some like to take them to a therapist.

$12.00 for a month (8 Solo Journaling Encounters)

Option #2:

E-Mail Writing Group

There's no need to be online simultaneously, this is all done through shared writings.

Receive a new Journaling Encounter every Sunday and Wednesday.  

Share your process.  Afirm, validate, and inspire others while you are afirmed, validated and inspired by them. 

Group sizes are kept small.

$20.00 for a month (8 Journaling Group Encounters)

Option #3:
Writing Encounters with Esther

No need to be online simultaneously, this is all done through writing on a shared Google Doc.  

Receive a new Journaling Encounter every Sunday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday and Thursday you'll find my feedback on your writing.  My insight and encouragement feels like a mini therapy session that ramps up your journey and brings the healing on in new and exciting ways!

Writings are shared within a small group (2-4 people).  

Your authentic voice is can't help but "wake up" and get louder when you share in a writing group like this.

$125.00 for a month (8 Journaling Encounters)

Esther Moskovitz, L.C.S.W.


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