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My Services

Counseling with me is about being true to yourself. Whether you need to untangle the past, or get clarity about the present, you will walk out relieved and confident, moving forward into your future with a strong, stable sense of your own self, empowered to create a life which you will take pride in.
You process your grief and experience your joy. Both are necessary, both have their place, and both are inevitable in a life well-lived.




Writing Meditation Group

Recipients in this series of bi-weekly emails are always shocked at the healing that takes place when they respond to the meditation prompts I send to their mailbox every week.  And they appreciate the on-line interaction with the other members and with myself, even more.


Phone Sessions

If you live too far away for an in-person meeting, we can our sessions over the phone. Phone sessions with me work exactly the same way as a regular therapy session.


In-Person Therapy Sessions

We discuss your individual situation, and after a thorough assessment, I can work with you to heal and change whatever it is that's weighing you down.


Therapy Dolls

Nurture yourself emotionaly and heal childhood wounds with this touching customized therapy tool.

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