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About Esther Moskovitz, L.C.S.W.


I'll never forget that day in 2014 when I "met" my first inner child doll.  I only "met" her in my heart, and I knew exactly what she looked and felt like.  And I knew she had to happen.


After hours of research and planning, I sat one Friday with my daughter, myself and a seamstress. For 4 hours we all planned, cut, sewed, and filled.  And at the end I held the most precious doll I'd ever seen; an Inner Child doll featuring my beautiful daughter.  Since that day it's been an incredible journey.  And that doll has been my guiding light.  That day, we had fashioned the "doll" I first met in my heart.


Since that day, it's been an incredible journey.  Today DollsThatHeal has a team of wonderful people helping people. There's the group of dedicated artists who create the dolls, a website designer who gets the doll into the hands of the people who want to move beyond their inner childhood wounds, and myself, delivering therapy in my office and helping people from all walks of life to continue doing their inner-child work, grieving, healing, flourishing and growing. DollsThatHeal grew out of a passion for helping people emerge from pain - from loss and grief - stronger and more whole for the experience. It's all thanks to the courageous people who have come to my practice with a broken spirit but a stealy resolve - to help themselves and their families emerge from hard times more whole than before. They are beacons of authenticity, courage, and love.


Want to know more about Esther? Visit the website of her counseling practice.


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